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Too much too fast

Went clubbing with the girls last night, if you could call it that. I got too drunk of course...sloppy drunk. We left early cos of me -_- yay.
Offering to sober drive for next time though.

Woke up this morning and ate a croissant (w/ tomatoes, red onions, kraft cheese and a fried egg) but holy shit tara fills the entire pan up with oil!! I'm wanting food right now but will avoid it. Bojana's 30th tonight. Will eat boiled kale and an apple beforehand. I NEED to lose's just pathetic (for lack of better word) that I've spent more of my life being fat than thinner. I'm gonna start reading Wintergirls again even though it's triggering. My problem isn't starving myself, it's bulimia!!

Tonight I'll drink vodka straight...just enough to socialise with people sufficiently.



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